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Lancaster County

101 N. Main Street, Lancaster, SC, 29720, US


Security Camera Footage Request

Only requests that match one (1) or more of the following critieria will be processed; requests that do not match the following must be initiated through either the Human Resources office or the Risk & Safety office.

Requests for footage surrounding policy violations or personnel issues will not be processed unless said request(s) are submitted by the Human Resources office.

The Information Technology department is able to process requests for footage that meets one (1) or more of the following criteria:

  1. Property has been lost, stolen or damaged
  2. Building occupants have suffered injury or bodily harm
  3. Footage has been requested by law enforcement

Most video footage is retained and available for download for seven (7) days; all requests for footage should be made in a timely fashion so as to accommodate this working time frame.

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